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Mallard Ducks, Whitetail Deer, Elk, Goose Images, Waterfowl, Big Game, Pheasants, Game Birds, Bison & Song Birds
Hunting Sportsman are some of the subjects photographed using both analog and digital photography.
Ducks Unlimited, Outdoor Life, Field Stream, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick, Birders World, Bugle, Montana Outdoors
My images have graced the pages of these magazines among many others.
United States areas covered. Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Arizona,
Utah along with Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba Canada.
Chinese Pheasant Winter snows in the corn belt
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Ducks Unlimited Magazine Cover Mallard Duck Picture
Mallard Duck Flock used by Ducks Unlimited Organization
Canadian Goose Set it's wings and glides in
Monster Bull Elk Bugling in the North Western Rocky Mountains RMEF Poster
Pronghorn Antelope Picture by Wildlife Photo Agency Photographer Richard Mousel
Polar Bear Churchhill Manitoba Canada Standing at Sunset
Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park's Majestic Bull Elk at Sunset by Montana Wildlife Photographer Richard Mousel
Canada Goose applies his air brakes to slow his flight, Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl subject
American Freedom, Bald Eagle in front of Old Glory
Yellowstone Bull Elk Splashes Crossing a Creek
Chinese Ring-Neck Pheasant Picture by Stock Photo Agency Photographer Richard Mousel
Elk or Wapiti Bull and Cow at Sunset Photographed in North Western Wyoming's Yellowstone Twilight
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Playful River Otters in Yellowstones Lamar River Valley Montana and Wyoming
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Bull Moon Sillouette Montana National Park
Whitetail Buck Deer Monster Wildlife stock Agency Photography
Canadian Geese or Canada Goose Waterfowl for Ducks Unlimited
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The Colour Outdoors
Hummingbird Picture by Stock Photo Agency Photographer Richard Mousel
Whitetail Deer and Turkey Picture by Wildlife Photo Agency Photographer Richard Mousel
The Life Of An Outdoor Photographer
capturing these award-winning images, Richard Mousel has spent thousands of hours in the field, often sitting in a small
blind under freezing conditions.  You may have passed him on the road as he has traveled throughout North America in
search of his elusive subjects.  Our pictures depict subjects from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming,
Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Minnesota, Illinois, British Columbia,
Alberta, and Manitoba Canada.
Photography and Website Design by Wildlife Stock Agency Photographer Richard Mousel
- Colour Outdoors - Scenic Nature Wildlife Stock Agency Photography.
Photographic prints of Colour Outdoors Nature Stock Photo Agency’s wildlife photographer Richard Mousel's pictures are not currently available
online at Fox Park Gallery’s website, check out my
Prints Page for prices. Waterfowl species ranging from the Canada goose, mallard duck,
pintails, teal, canvasback and occasionally the exquisite wood duck plus many more species of  waterfowl have
filled the frame of Richards camera’s.
One of his favorite conservation organizations has to be Ducks Unlimited, with the countless acres of wildlife habitat contained within the
boundaries of the prairie potholes and marshes. The cattails and brushes of this habitat is also a favorite home of the
Chinese ringneck pheasant, the magnificent iridescence of the colorful birds is almost beyond belief.
Freelance nature stock photo agency wildlife pictures featuring wildlife, nature and scenic images covering western North America and Canada.
Utilizing the latest in digital equipment available today, wildlife photographer Richard Mousel photographs throughout the western United States
including Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming among many others. Animal, plants and scenes frequently seen in Richard's viewfinder cover the
vast array of species inhabiting the prairies, forests, rivers and mountains that make up the varied habitat found within this region of the world.
Big game wildlife species including elk (wapiti), deer (whitetail and mule), pronghorn antelope and moose, in the higher elevations of the Rocky
Mountain west is the rugged habitat of the rocky mountain bighorn sheep and the majestic mountain goat are just but a couple of his favorites,
photographing the diverse species of birds is what Richard spend more of his spare time pursuing, from his backyard he has photographed
many species including some of America's favorites like the
robin, chickadee, blue jay, cardinal also including the beautiful bluebird.
Mr. Mousel also enjoys photographing the many bird species that frequent the prairies and marshes through out this region;
Richard typically photographs thousands of mallard ducks and canada geese every year. When migration comes Richard feels the call to go
afield and attempt at burning up a motor drive or two while attempting to capture on film, (now on digital) an ever broadening array of species of
waterfowl many duck and goose images now grace the files of
The Colour Outdoors wildlife stock photo agency files.
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